..."that their hearts may be encouraged"...  Col. 2:2 

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1984, providing services in West and Northwest Houston as a Christian Counselor for the past twenty-two years. My specialty areas are: individual, family and marriage counseling, troubled children, teens, and young adults, parenting, men's issues, crisis interventions, disaster, and grief counseling. I am especially interested in working with fathers by helping men improve their fathering skills, resolve conflicts, and restore their relationships with their children. I also like helping men answer the tough questions in life as they clarify their roles and relationships with God, family, work, and friends. I am committed to helping men remain faithful.

In my book, "A Father's Words: How Fathers Make or Break Their Children", I discuss the impact fathers' words have on their children; presenting strategies and examples for blessing their children with life-giving words, preventing emotional pain, repairing, restoring, and healing broken father-child relationships.

As a mental health professional since 1981, I have written numerous articles in addition to providing Christian Counseling services. I have also been a guest speaker on KSBJ, KHCB, and AFR Christian Radio Stations.

Go to my main website: WWW.TheChristianCounselor.com for more information about my practice, background, specialty areas, state- ment of faith, and mission. You will also find numerous articles, newsletters, videos, links and suggested reading sections. You can also order my book right from this website.

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9525 Katy Freeway, Suite 311, Houston, Texas | 713-395-1555

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